Two ears are better than one!

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If you have been diagnosed with a hearing loss, you may be considering amplification. If you have an aidable hearing loss in both ears, it is important to fit both ears with hearing aids.  Your brain uses timing and intensity differences between the ears to determine what direction sounds are coming from.  Your ears also work together to keep your body balanced and coordinated.  Here are some reasons why you should aid both ears:

  • Better speech understanding
  • Binaural processing due to wireless communication between the hearing aids
  • Better and more natural sound quality
  • Wider range of hearing
  • Better sound identification
  • Feeling balanced
  • More comfortable
  • Less fatigue

Use it or lose it. Should you choose to aid only one ear be sure you aid the better one but keep in mind, the ear that isn’t aided will continue to decline at a faster rate than the ear that is. It is important to keep the neural pathways firing to maintain efficient communication between the ear and the brain.  Wearing a hearing aid is like physiotherapy for your ear and brain, keeping the system in optimal working order promises more success with hearing aids in the future.