Hearing protection and swim plugs

Custom Hearing protection and swim plugs

Custom products are produced from a silicone impression of your ear. Customized ear molds are used to produce some styles of hearing aids as well as musicians ear plugs, noise protection, swim plugs, custom headphones and in-ear monitors.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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Our Services

Hearing aid fitting, sales and service in Wasaga Beach and area.

Hearing Assessments

Beach Hearing performs a complete diagnostic assessment of your hearing.READ MORE + »

Programming & Fitting

Beach Hearing can fit and program all brands of hearing aids.READ MORE + »

Service, maintenance and repair

Beach Hearing dispenses and services all hearing aid brands.READ MORE + »

Hearing protection & swim plugs

Customized ear molds are used to produce different styles of hearing devices.READ MORE + »

Wax Removal

Cerumen management – Certified ear wax removal.READ MORE + »


We provide you with post-fitting orientation, counseling and rehabilitation.READ MORE + »


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