Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids with a Face Mask

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During this time, wearing a face mask in public spaces has become more and more common. Some areas of the province are now requiring face masks to be worn in all indoor retail settings. This poses a challenge for those who wear hearing aids. Both in the fact that masks muffle the sound when someone speaks, you can’t see any lip reading cues, and also if the person who wears the mask has hearing aids, they can fall out when the mask is removed.

Below are some recommendations we’ve put together to help lower your chance of losing your hearing aids.

1. Use a mask that goes around the head instead of over the ears, this is the simplest solution. Some masks tie at the back.
2. If you have long hair and can put it in a bun, you can then wrap the mask’s elastic around the bun.
3. Sew two buttons onto a piece of material and attach the elastic to the buttons. Use this as a button extension for the mask, and the elastics no will no longer need to wrap around your ears.
4. Don’t pull the mask off your ears, stretch the straps up and back instead.
5. Always check for you hearing aids after removing your mask.
6. Remove your mask in your car or at home in a safe area, so if the hearing aid falls to the ground, it will be easier to find.
7. If you do lose a hearing aid, don’t panic. Retraced your steps and check where you most likely lost it. If your hearing aids are less than 2 years old you should have loss and damage coverage. Call your hearing health care provider to have it replaced.

Stay safe Wasaga Beach! And if you have any questions, please call the office at 705-352-3200.