Strengthen your social ties with Phonak hearing aids

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The holidays are drawing near. You can feel the spirit in the air! We go out and shop for the holiday feast, buying ham, turkey or our favourite main dish with the perfect trimmings to go along with it. Then we gather the decorations and deck the halls and the rooms. We plan for the day, the dinner guests and the seating. What time should we eat? What time to call grandma? What time to relax, to chatter and laugh? And when are we planning on playing that classic holiday movie we watch every year?

We plan it all out, then await that day with anticipation of the sheer pleasure of getting the family together!

What happens, though, if you or a family member is hearing impaired? A large gathering around the dinner table is a ton of fun, but it’s not quite as much fun for someone with hearing loss. And what about that phone or video call with grandma? Oftentimes, many words in a phone or video conversation can be lost, especially when a lot of background noise is present.

What can be done?

Phonak Paradise hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream the audio for that holiday movie right to your hearing aids, so you won’t miss a line. But that’s not all. When you’re on the phone with grandma, whether you chat via phone or video, whether you chat one-on-one or via speaker, you’ll have a better connection than anyone else in the house. And, if you discover that Uncle Ralph put a holiday video up on Facebook that everyone has to watch, you can easily hear it through your hearing aids. (Or you can easily turn it off, as well!)

But, what about the main event? What about dinner and the fun, crazy, chaotic conversation that usually runs around the table? RogerDirect offers the ability to stream a Roger microphone directly into your hearing aids, without the need to wear an FM system dongle. You can place the Roger mic in the middle of the table and capture the entire conversation.

Your social ties with friends and family are vital to yours and your loved ones’ well-being. Phonak makes it easy to stay connected. Life is on!