Rechargeable Hearing Aids are the Best!

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Of all the innovations and advancements made recently in hearing aid technology — and there have been many — making hearing aids rechargeable might be the one that gets people the most excited.

If you currently wear hearing aids that use disposable batteries that you know how important batteries are to your hearing aids’ performance. But you also know you have to change them frequently and ensure you always have spares with you, or run out of juice in the middle of an event or conversation.

That’s what makes rechargeable hearing aids such a game changer. No more buying hearing aid batteries. No more changing hearing aid batteries. No more dropping and losing the small batteries in the carpet or grass or under the bed. No more having to leave the battery door open at night to power off your hearing aids and minimize drain. Instead, with rechargeable hearing aids, the only thing you need to do at night is put them in the charger while you sleep — and you’ll be ready to go all day long when you put them on in the morning.

But there are more benefits to rechargeable hearing aids than simply never having to go to the store to buy brown size 312 hearing aid batteries. Or wait, is it orange size 13?

  • They’re more economical — After the initial price of the devices, the cost can be less since you do not have to regularly purchase batteries.
  • You get all-day, continuous use — Charge our hearing aids overnight, and they should last an entire day’s worth of listening and streaming.
  • They’re environmentally friendly — Over three years, two hearing aids will use more than 300 disposable hearing aid batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids won’t use any.
  • You’ll have two fewer things to worry about — Did we mention you won’t need to buy or change hearing aid batteries ever again?

Not too long ago, if you wanted a rechargeable hearing aid, your choice in styles was limited. Not anymore. Starkey makes rechargeable standard hearing aids — BTEs and RICs — plus they’re the first and only manufacturer to offer custom hearing aids that are both rechargeable and smartphone-connected.

If ever there was a good reason to either get your first pair of hearing aids or upgrade to a new pair — and again, there are many — the convenience, simplicity and effortlessness of rechargeable hearing aids might be one of the best.

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