Make Your New Year’s Resolution Better Hearing Health

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If you think you have a hearing loss and have not taken steps to be diagnosed, what are you waiting for?  The benefits of treating hearing loss far outweigh the effort it takes to learn how to use hearing aids.

Treating hearing loss has shown to improve:

  • Earning power
  • Sense of control and confidence in social situations
  • Communication in relationships
  • Physical health

Conversely, numerous studies have linked untreated hearing loss to negative effects, including social isolation, depression, increased risk of falls and even dementia.

If you still envision large, beige, whistling contraptions when you think about hearing aids, think again.  The latest hearing aid technology is discreet and comfortable.  With recent advances we are now able to offer rechargeable aids that work for 30 hours, iPhone compatible aids that are paired through Bluetooth and even aids that act like Fitbits measuring heart rate and steps, detecting falls and even translating multiple languages.  An assessment of your lifestyle will identify which hearing aid is right for you.  As New Hope Hearing is a private clinic we are able to offer all hearing aid manufactures technology at a competitive price.

If you are ready to begin your journey to better hearing and improved quality of life then start with a free hearing assessment at Beach Hearing.