How to maintain your hearing aids during the summer

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It’s summer in Cambridge, and it’s time to start thinking about how to care for your hearing aids in this hot and moist weather.  As you know, moisture is not a friend to electronics.  Here are some tips to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape.

  1. When not in use, store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place
  2. Use a desiccant or dry-aid kit that will remove damaging moisture from your hearing aids.
  3. If it’s possible, try to keep your hearing aids away from excessive perspiration. If you are exercising, take your aids out beforehand.
  4. Do not clean your hearing aids with any type of liquid, including alcohol.
  5. Take care not to get sunscreen on your hearing aids. Perhaps apply your sunscreen before you put in your aids.

If you have any questions about summer maintenance or your hearing aids in genereal, please call our office and we’d be happy to assist you.  705-352-3200