Happy with your hearing aids?

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Are your hearing aids sitting in a drawer?  If so, why?  Do they hurt?  Is there something about the sound that is intolerable?  Have you forgotten how to put them in?

One of the most important steps for a successful hearing aid fitting is counselling.  There is a lot of information to absorb at the initial fitting appointment.  One must learn how to operate and maintain the aids as well as how to use the aids and accessories correctly.  It is very important to attend follow up appointments to verify that the aids are providing the proper amount of amplification and benefit.  As a result, it is also very important that you feel comfortable visiting your clinic as often as necessary to resolve any challenges and make sure those aids stay out of a drawer.  Choosing your hearing clinic is as important a decision as which aids to buy.  However, you can choose to switch clinics at any time, the warranty is honoured by the manufacturer, not the clinic.  Here are some services you want to consider when choosing your clinic.  New Hope Hearing just happens to offer all of them.

Warm and welcoming practitioners – purchasing hearing aids requires an investment of both time and money.  Make sure you have easy and frequent access to a practitioner that works well with you.   It is also a bonus if the clinic is located in your neighbourhood so you can drop in when you are out and about.

Same day appointments – need a programming adjustment or a refresher on how to use your remote?  You don’t have to wait until your follow up appointment if you need help right away.

Home visits available – this is an especially attractive service in the winter months.

Drop in cleanings and repairs – hearing aids can decide to stop working without any warning.  You should not have to wait weeks to have your aid serviced.

If you shop around for the best price you will find there is very little variation in the cost of hearing aids.  Going to a larger chain does not guarantee you a lower price.  Going to a local, privately run clinic will be an advantage.

Consistent staffing and services – Smaller, privately run clinics tend to have less staffing changes.  The practitioner will know you, your history, your needs and your preferences.

Personalized and caring service – a local business owner knows how important it is to generate positive relationships and word of mouth referrals.  As a result they tend to go above and beyond for their clients.

Hearing aids are not electronics.  They are a medical device.  It is important to be sure you have access to the clinic and clinician as you will need their help from time to time.  If you would like to switch clinics or have moved into the neighbourhood, Beach Hearing would love to help ensure that you are happy with your hearing aids.