Are You At Risk For Hearing Loss?

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If you are exposed to sounds above 85dB, you are putting your hearing at risk. Here are a few examples to help you better understand noise levels.

• A casual conversation: 60 dB
• Lawnmower: 90 dB
• Chain saw: 100 dB
• Rock Concert: 120 dB
• Firecrackers: 125 dB
• Gunshot: 140 dB

Exposing yourself to certain noise levels without proper hearing protection can cause permanent hearing loss. And once that permanent damage occurs, it’s can’t be reversed. Certain work and recreational environments may put you at risk. Some examples are factory workers, musicians, shooting a gun, sporting events, motorcycles and construction workers. So what can you do to protect yourself from noise? I’m glad you asked!

• If you work in an environment where the sound level exceeds 85dB and you aren’t able to simply reduce the noise level, wear hearing protection. You can buy custom fitted ear plugs which will be more comfortable and less noticeable than regular headphones.
• When you’re watching tv or listening to music, turn the volume down.
• When wearing earbuds or headphones, make sure your music isn’t too loud.
• If you attend concerts, wear earplugs and don’t stand next to the speakers.
• When you are cutting the lawn or using power tools, wear noise-cancelling headphones or ear plugs.
• Limit the amount of time you are exposed to the noise

There is no reason you need to stop the activities you enjoy, but you should be aware of the noise level and take the proper precautions to protect your hearing.

Get a hearing test

Be proactive with your hearing heath and schedule a hearing assessment. This will give you a baseline so you can track any hearing changes over time.  And if you do have some hearing loss, you can begin taking steps to stop it from getting worse. If you are in the Wasage Beach area, we offer free, no obligation hearing tests.